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The European Commission proposes five measurable targets in the field of employment, research and innovation, climate change and energy, education and combating poverty in order to achieve a sustainable future. They shall be fulfilled and translated into national targets till 2020. Attention is turned also on measures to cope with challenges due to an ageing population and a rising global competition as well as actions to promote a healthy and active ageing population.

The Council Resolution (2011/C372/01) connects to the action programme 2008-2010, outlines priority actions for lifelong learning concerning the period of 2012-2014 and postulates their continuation to reach the objectives defined in Europe 2020. Advanced possibilities for an access to high quality education in all phases of life, lifelong educational guidance and the consolidation and recognition of formal, non formal and informal learning are important demands. A special task is the integration of elderly people in the subject of lifelong learning.

ALCOVE aims to capitalise on the European knowledge and experience on Alzheimer and its consequences and to reflect together on the best means of preserving quality of life, autonomy and the rigts of people living with dementia. Its general objective is to establish an independent and scientific European network to inform and advise decision makers, health care professionals, carers, individuals living with dementia and other European citizens. ALCOVE_presentation