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In the senior centre at Schwesternpark Feierabendhäuser the traditional popular calender series  "Beauty in older age" had been continued. For 2015 paintings from Old Masters had been reset as photos portraying the residents as models. The paintings are from Old Masters from the 15th up to the early 20th century, such as Luca Cranach the Elder, Rubens or Rembrandt van Rijn. Results include some interesting interpretations of not always well-known paintings. Although preparation arrangements had been very elaborate the photoshooting was an unforgetable event for all participants. It resulted in a very special calender that is different to all previously produced ones.

ALCOVE aims to capitalise on the European knowledge and experience on Alzheimer and its consequences and to reflect together on the best means of preserving quality of life, autonomy and the rigts of people living with dementia. Its general objective is to establish an independent and scientific European network to inform and advise decision makers, health care professionals, carers, individuals living with dementia and other European citizens. ALCOVE_presentation  

The aim of this cooperation is to collect, analyse and share successful practices of active ageing and lifelong learning for elderly people. Five parntners from four countries compiled a catalogue to present and disseminate the methodology and developed tools as well as good-practice projects concerning lifelong learning and active ageing. It is intended for local and regional institutions and individuals who are interested in developing, planning and promoting actions and projects dedicated to elderly people. The catalogue shall encourage a further dissemination, adaption and transfer of successful actions to other countries. APLI_Final Catalogue

In the context of the yearly theme "Still dreaming with 70" at the University of Arts and Design at "Burg Giebichenstein" in Halle a fashion collection for the generation 70plus had been created. "Via fashion we want to express our dreams. And old people have them in the same way as young people." (Prof. Thomas Greis). The students found their models at hiking, swimming lessons for seniors, in senior centers etc. Over the period of several months a lot of drafts were created between suitable for every day use up to capriciously artistic. Via fashion the cooperation between young and old led to some new, astonishing and delightful experiences and understandings, not to forget real friendships.  

From the 8th to the 11th of November 2012 an exchange meeting of Mix@ages took place in Vienna. 61 young and old pariticipants hit the road with their cameras, smartphones etc to enter Vienna artistically. Their photo subjects: What is in your eyes typically young, what is typically old and what is cross-generational? The results were numerous wonderful, humorous and artistic photos covering the theme age, youth and generations. After the photoshooting all photos had been uploaded to an interactive map to be still available far after the meeting.

Artistic-creative and cultural activities of older people are key factors for their social participation and quality of life. Kubia, the Centre of Competence for Cultural Education in Later Life supports cultural stakeholders and institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia to develop future-fit concepts and innovative models for our ageing society by doing research or offering consulting, qualification, networking and information. Kubia defines itself as a service platform and forum for all those protagonists who want to provide cultural education and participation. It focuses on professionalising cultural educational practices for older adult and cross-generational dialogues.

People aged 70, 80, or even 90 sometimes want to go on holiday as well. Nevertheless, they don`t want to miss their own bed. "Travelling without a suitcase", a programme offered by Kirchengemeinde St. Mauritius in Dissen offers just that: Holidays without a suitcase. 5 days packed with activities and regular meals. This means fun for the participants. And in the evening you are back home and sleep in your own bed.