Ýmsar upplýsingar um hliðstæð verkefni, efnið er ekki þýtt yfir á íslensku.

is an international non-profit project dedicated to the collection of the memories, experiences, and life stories of people born before 1950. Audio and video recordings of interviews, as well as photographs are accepted. The project was started in Turin, Italy during August 2007.

CINAGE will review European Films and produce a grid for film critical analysis focused on six competences in active ageing - Civic and Community, Health, Emotional, Financial, Technological, Learning. Seniors’ learners will use the grid for film critical analysis, using their own life experiences, as a process of active ageing. Then, learners will use CINAGE Guide to script, produce, direct, act and edit 12 films as part of a pilot testing phase (3 for each partner).

The main aim of the project is to develop an Active Ageing Learning Community where 60+ will learn how to age actively in terms of their health, physical and cognitive ability, social communication and intergenerational solidarity, and will be supported by 16-35 age. Learning modules in Health Self -Management, ICT for Social Networking and Intergenerational Volunteering will be offered.

Community projects for social innovatiON through intergenerational volunteering experiences - The ComeON! project is aimed at promoting active citizenship of both elderly and young people through a formative intergenerational volunteering experience. The objective of the project is to develop, test and validate an innovative intergenerational and peer-to-peer learning approach and environment, integrating youth and elderly volunteerism into a rich active educational experience.

This project aims to promote active ageing and intergenerational solidarity through developing an innovative ICT training course for acquiring the necessary skills in order to participate in the modern world, both for pleasure and for business. Grandparents will be professionally trained with the involvement of their grandchildren who will transfer their current knowledge on social networking.

The objectives of i-TREASURE are focused on two target groups, senior citizens and trainers in adult centres. The aim of the i-TREASURE project is to enhance the lives of senior citizens through the effective use of Web 2.0 technologies and the latest devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.) by focussing on their individual social and personal needs to facilitate their full inclusion in the digital age.

This project wants to develop a methodology based on peer to peer training to foster active aging, either on small groups setting than at a distance using the Internet. The training will be aimed at rising perceived self efficacy and copying skills of participants (elders 55+)

The goal is to develop and implement an App based training approach motivating and supporting senior citizens engaging in the digital society by accessing the digital world the very popular, less expensive and easy to handle tablet-computers (IOS and Android system). SenApp will develop a non-formal, flexible and accessible App-based ICT qualification course that matches the very specific needs of this highly heterogeneous target group.

Together Old and Young - TOY is an intergenerational learning project involving senior people (55 years +) and young children (0-8 years) in community based non formal activities.

The basic aim of UISEL is to leverage processes of independency and individual empowerment of Senior Citizens through the use of mobile devices that allow an almost ubiquitious access to the information and communication.

Sparks is a project for cross-cultural research and exchange about self-directed learning in the specific frame of special needs. Self-learning and experiential education are foundations for a new paradigm of caring for special needs and disabilities towards a better quality of life.