Project mission

INNOMEC – moving minds

In most European countries the lifestyle of families has changed: late marriages, low birth rates, single–parent families, and increasing numbers of lonely and elderly people have become prevailing factors. In this scenario social workers and adult educators are facing new challenges: how to better integrate interventions in order to promote wellbeing of elderly people in a holistic way; how to create new learning environments, especially in elderly care centres by opening their specific educational provisions to local communities; how to foster and improve one`s own personal and professional competences to increase and diversify educational offers and be more integrated in the local life-long learning community.

We aim at

  • improving the participation of elderly people in social and cultural life;
  • fostering mutual learning with younger generations and family members;
  • reinforcing local and European networks and a social responsibility approach, focusing on the contributions of elderly care centres to the lifelong learning strategy.


by developing, offering, and compiling